CP1210SVR Road Breaker

£790.00 Excluding VAT
£948.00 Including VAT

CP1210SVR - 25kg Vibro-Reduced Road Breaker


Engineered for high performance 

  • Advanced Vibration Reduction System

  • Piston with lubrication grooves to increase the service life of the tool and its major parts 

  • New improved Silencer and Comfort Handles, The silencer reduces noise level to under the limit of the European Union Noise Directive (2000/14/EC) and creates better operator comfort and control

  • Improved valve system - The power of the machine is improved by 20 percent, leading to better productivity

  • Teasing Trottle makes starting a cut easy, even under difficult conditions 

  • New improved swivel - Swiveling action also under pressure, standard 3/4" tread for claw coupling

Weight | kg
Length | mm
Air Consumption | l/s
Blows per min | bpm
Vibration Level 3 Axes | m/s²
Sound Power Level | dB(A)
Retainer Type
 Quick Latch
Chuck Size | mm
 Hex. 32 x 160
Chuck Size | in.
 Hex. 1¼ x 6